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My name is Anthony Bailey and I'm a musician, performer, story teller, and teacher. I developed a love of drumming from childhood.


I specialise in offering services in African drumming, and have been teaching and delivering drums and music workshops for over 25 years,


The main aim of Happy Drums' fun interactive workshops is to use music and dance as a tool to bring people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, religion and culture together to share the joy of playing, singing, and dancing to music.


I use basic makaton sign language at some specialise workshops. At each sessions I will teach African, Latin, Hip Hop, Caribbean drum pattern and dance steps. I also sometimes play the guitar , keyboard, flute, tongue drum and other percussive instrument at workshops.   

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My Story

I work with children and adults, and with all abilities. I  started teaching in schools with children with learning difficulties and immediately noticed the improvement in their overall response to stimuli.  Happy Drums service  works regularly with local schools, youth clubs, community groups and after-school clubs. I cover all types of events and occasions from formal to informal. 

I believe Drumming is one of those rare activities that combines a number of things to improve your well-being. It gives you exercise, skills, focus, and achievement all in one. Best of all you're doing it in good company, as you shake off the daily grind.  Want to know more? Just leave a message for me on my contact page. Cheers!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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